Why Should Your Business Have Group Benefits?

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Why Should Your Business Have Group Benefits?

In a competitive marketplace, company’s sometimes struggle to keep their top talent. You may wonder why your employees are leaving and what you could have done to make them stay. Are you one of these business owners? Keep reading.

Sometimes, you need to offer more than just a paycheque to keep your employees satisfied! In order to attract, recruit and retain your talented employees, perks such as group benefits can go a long way.

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 Your Group Benefits Options

A group benefits program is a good incentive for getting great employees in then door and for keeping them there once they’ve arrived. Here are some of the products and services available for basic group benefits coverage/ plans:

1) Healthcare 

2) Prescription drugs

3) Out of country care & travel assistance

4) Dental 

5) Life Coverage

6) Disability/ Critical illness

7) Employee/ Family assistance program

Does Your Business Have Group Benefits?

The listed benefits programs are not only great for valued employees but also to you, as a business owner.

Benefits to Top Employees:

-Cost-free coverage

-Eases the employees concerns & makes them feel valued

Many employees worry that they may not be able to work because of an injury or illness, which is why offering top employees individual insurance in a grouped format may be something to consider.

Benefits to you:

-You control the arrangement, providing coverage to key employees and managing the expense through the business

-More hard-earned business income can be put to work through tax-deductibility and premium reductions

-Coverage is flexible: each class of covered employees can be customized based on needs and budget.

Happy Employees. Employee Benefits. St Catharines Niagara Falls Toronto Oakville BurlingontHow We Can Help!

As business owners, we know how hard it is to attract the right people for your business, and retaining them can be even harder. Group Benefits is a great way to show potential and current employees that their work in your company will be valued and you strive to maintain a competitive, successful and happy workplace for all.

To find out if your Group Benefits Program is priced properly, or you would like to get your businesses Group Benefits Program started, our Financial Advisor, Rachel Gannage, specializes in the Group Benefits side of the business. To learn more about Rachel see here.

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